Caleres Inc. Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Warehouse Associate – 1857 Rogers Road, Perth, ON – Canada Careers Hub
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Caleres Inc. Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Warehouse Associate – 1857 Rogers Road, Perth, ON

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Caleres Inc. Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Warehouse Associate – 1857 Rogers Road, Perth, ON

Job details

Location: 1857 Rogers Road, Perth, ON
Salary: $19.59 p/h
Job type: Full Time , Part time
Shift/Hours: Morning, night, overnight

Founded in 1878 in St. Louis, MO, Caleres is a prominent footwear company that boasts an impressive portfolio. As the parent company of 15 diverse brands such as Famous Footwear, Sam Edelman, Naturalizer, Dr. Scholl’s, and Allen Edmonds and many more, Caleres offers a wide range of footwear options to suit every individual’s taste and preference.

Location: 1857 Rogers Road, Perth, ON, K7H 1P7

Compensation and Hours:

  • Starting salary is $19.59 p/h
  • Position will be 1st shift from 7am to 3:30pm (Monday – Friday)
  • Union membership required

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Unload and inspect inbound freight: Move freight from sea containers and trailers, then inspect for vendor compliance and any ticketing when required
  • Move freight: Physically and electronically move freight to assigned locations within the building using RF Scanners
  • Perform cycle count functions: Comply with audit requirements and as required to maintain DC inventory accuracy
  • Perform picking and packeging: Pick Store allocations and eComm orders daily by using RF Scanners and then package them for shipments

Perks you will enjoy!

  • Our Shoe Discounts: No matter your style, we’ve got your perfect fit covered with a 30% Associate Discount across Caleres brands
  • Get Paid When You Want: Access your money as you earn it and request your earnings before payday
  • Career Development and Learning Opportunities: We provide education assistance of up to $7500 per year and provide opportunities for employees that want to grow their careers at our corporate offices
  • Financial Assistance: Through our trusted partner, Two Ten, we are able to help provide short-term emergency financial assistance for eligible associates and their immediate families who are facing difficult times
  • Benefit Offerings: To learn more details about our total rewards, visit
  • Relaxed Dress Code: At Caleres, we believe that the right shoes can take you anywhere, and your authentic self is always in style. Feel free to come dressed in what makes you comfortable

Qualifications that Make You the Perfect Fit!:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Basic computer skills
  • 2 Years’ experience in related field an asset but not required
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) experience is an asset but not required
  • RF handheld Scanners experience is an asset but not required

Caleres is an Equal Opportunity Employer by choice. We believe our company should be as diverse as the consumers we serve. We seek and engage talented individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, lifestyles, and belief systems.

What skills and qualities are important for a Warehouse Associate ?

A warehouse associate plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of a warehouse. To excel in this role, the following skills and qualities are important:

  1. Physical Stamina: Warehouse work often involves lifting, carrying, and moving heavy objects. Physical stamina is crucial to handle the demands of the job, including prolonged standing, bending, and repetitive motions.
  2. Attention to Detail: Warehouse associates need to pay close attention to detail to ensure accurate order fulfillment, proper inventory management, and precise documentation. Mistakes can result in inventory discrepancies and customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Organizational Skills: Effective organization is essential to maintain an orderly warehouse. Warehouse associates should be able to sort, label, and categorize items efficiently, ensuring that they are easy to locate when needed.
  4. Time Management: Prioritizing tasks, working efficiently, and meeting deadlines are important skills for warehouse associates. They should be able to manage their time effectively and complete tasks in a timely manner, especially when handling shipping and receiving processes.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Warehouse associates often work as part of a team. They need to collaborate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and other departments to ensure smooth workflow and resolve any issues that may arise.
  6. Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is crucial in a warehouse environment. Warehouse associates should be able to communicate with team members, supervisors, and vendors to convey information accurately and respond to inquiries or issues promptly.
  7. Basic Computer Skills: Many modern warehouses utilize inventory management systems, barcode scanners, and other computerized tools. Basic computer skills, including data entry and familiarity with warehouse management software, are important for efficient operations.
  8. Problem-Solving Abilities: Warehouse associates may encounter challenges such as inventory discrepancies, damaged goods, or logistical issues. The ability to identify problems, think critically, and propose practical solutions is valuable in such situations.
  9. Adaptability: Warehouse environments can be dynamic, with changing priorities, fluctuating workloads, and unexpected situations. The ability to adapt to different tasks, work conditions, and demands is crucial for a warehouse associate.
  10. Safety Consciousness: Warehouses can present potential safety hazards, such as heavy machinery, forklifts, and slippery surfaces. Being aware of safety protocols, adhering to safety guidelines, and maintaining a safe working environment are vital qualities for a warehouse associate.
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It’s important to note that the specific skills and qualities required may vary depending on the type of warehouse, industry, and the nature of the operations being conducted.

What education and certification are required to become a Warehouse Associate?

Becoming a warehouse associate typically does not require extensive formal education. However, having a high school diploma or equivalent is generally preferred by employers. Some employers may also consider candidates with a lower level of education if they possess relevant work experience or demonstrate the necessary skills and qualities for the role.

In terms of certifications, while they may not be universally required, certain certifications can enhance your employability and demonstrate your competence in warehouse operations. These certifications include:

  1. Forklift Operator Certification: Many warehouses utilize forklifts for material handling tasks. Obtaining a forklift operator certification demonstrates your proficiency in operating a forklift safely and efficiently.
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certification: OSHA offers various certifications related to workplace safety, such as OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour General Industry certifications. These certifications provide knowledge of safety regulations and protocols, which is crucial in maintaining a safe work environment.
  2. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Certification: If the warehouse deals with the storage or handling of hazardous materials, having a HAZMAT certification may be required. This certification ensures that you are trained to handle hazardous substances properly and follow the necessary safety procedures.
  3. First Aid and CPR Certification: While not specific to warehousing, having first aid and CPR certifications can be valuable in any workplace. These certifications demonstrate your ability to respond to medical emergencies effectively and provide initial assistance until professional help arrives.
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It’s important to note that the specific requirements for education and certifications can vary depending on the employer, industry, and the specific responsibilities of the warehouse associate position. Therefore, it is advisable to research the requirements of the specific job postings and consult with potential employers to determine the desired qualifications.

What is the work environment like for Warehouse Associate ?

The work environment for a warehouse associate can vary depending on factors such as the type of warehouse, industry, and specific company practices. However, there are some common characteristics that are typically found in the work environment of a warehouse associate:

  1. Physical Setting: Warehouses are often large, open spaces with high ceilings and expansive storage areas. The work environment may involve exposure to various temperatures, depending on whether the warehouse is climate-controlled or not. Some warehouses may have loading docks for receiving and shipping operations.
  2. Fast-Paced and Active: Warehouses are dynamic environments with a fast-paced atmosphere. Warehouse associates are often engaged in physically demanding tasks such as loading and unloading shipments, moving inventory, and fulfilling orders. This requires being on your feet for extended periods and engaging in repetitive motions.
  3. Noise and Activity: Warehouses can be noisy due to the operation of machinery, equipment, and the movement of goods. Forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyor belts, and other equipment may contribute to the ambient noise level. Additionally, there may be a high level of activity with multiple workers performing tasks simultaneously.
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Warehouse associates often work as part of a team. They collaborate with colleagues, supervisors, and other departments to ensure efficient operations. Communication is vital to coordinate tasks, resolve issues, and maintain a smooth workflow.
  5. Safety Emphasis: Warehouse work can involve potential safety hazards, such as heavy equipment, elevated platforms, and moving machinery. Safety protocols and procedures are typically emphasized to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of employees. Personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required, such as steel-toed boots, high-visibility vests, and safety goggles.
  6. Shift Work and Overtime: Warehouses often operate around the clock to meet demands. As a result, warehouse associates may work in shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Overtime may also be required during busy periods or when there are urgent tasks to be completed.
  7. Technological Tools: Many modern warehouses utilize technology and automation systems to streamline operations. Warehouse associates may work with inventory management software, barcode scanners, and other computerized tools to track inventory, process orders, and monitor shipments.
  8. Potential Environmental Factors: Depending on the nature of the products stored or handled in the warehouse, there may be specific environmental considerations. For example, warehouses dealing with perishable goods may require temperature-controlled areas, while warehouses storing hazardous materials must adhere to specific safety regulations.

It’s important to note that the work environment can vary significantly from one warehouse to another. It’s advisable to research the specific company or industry to gain a better understanding of the work environment and any unique factors associated with it.


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