Circle K (part of Couche-Tard) Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Overnight Customer Service Representative – 632 Main Street, Hampton, NB – Canada Careers Hub
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Circle K (part of Couche-Tard) Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Overnight Customer Service Representative – 632 Main Street, Hampton, NB

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Circle K (part of Couche-Tard) Is Currently Hiring Multiple Candidates For Overnight Customer Service Representative – 632 Main Street, Hampton, NB

Job Title: Customer Service Representative
Shift: Morning, Night, Overnight
Wage: $22.60/Hour
Location: 632 Main Street, Hampton, NB

Your key responsibilities:
You will greet customers, run the cash register, make purchase suggestions and sometimes work with our food program. There is never a dull moment as you will be working around the store (inside and out) in many different areas to help maintain our high standards for store appearance and provide fast and friendly service to our customers.
You will interact with many customers daily, all while working in a fun, energetic environment accomplishing daily tasks around the store!

What we are looking for:

  • Customer service
  • Communication and friendly conversation
  • Performing at a quick pace while having fun
  • Working as part of a team to accomplish daily goals
  • Coming up with great ideas to solve problems
  • Thinking quickly and offering suggestions

Customer Service Representative

As a Customer Service Representative, you will enjoy:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Large, stable employer
  • Opportunities for fast career advancement
  • Task variety
  • Weekly pay
  • Night shift premium
  • Employee discount
  • Scholarship program
  • Years of service Recognition program
  • Supporting temporary workers through PNP (some conditions may apply)

Great to have:

  • Customer service experience
  • Motivation to advance in your career!
  • Willingness to learn and have fun!

Couche-Tard/Circle K values diversity and inclusion and aims to create a safe, accessible and rewarding workplace that showcases the unique contribution of our employees to the success of our business. As an employer, we are committed to employment equity, we encourage a wide variety of applications to ensure that we have a diverse workforce that is representative of the customers and the communities we serve. Accommodations are available upon request for applicants who participate in all aspects of the selection process.

What skills and qualities are important for a Customer Service Representative?

Customer Service Representatives play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive image of a company. To excel in this role, several skills and qualities are important:

1. Excellent Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication is essential for understanding customer needs, providing clear information, and resolving issues.

2. Empathy: The ability to understand and relate to customers’ feelings and concerns is key to providing excellent service and building rapport.

3. Patience: Dealing with frustrated or upset customers requires patience and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

4. Problem-Solving Skills: Customer service reps need to identify issues, analyze problems, and find creative solutions to resolve customer concerns.

5. Product Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of the company’s products or services is necessary to provide accurate information and support.

6. Active Listening: Paying attention to customer concerns, asking clarifying questions, and ensuring customers feel heard is critical.

7. Adaptability: Customers’ needs and concerns can vary greatly, so adaptability to different situations and customer personalities is important.

8. Time Management: Efficiently managing multiple customer inquiries and tasks is essential to maintain productivity.

9. Professionalism: Maintaining a professional demeanor, both in communication and appearance, is important for representing the company positively.

10. Conflict Resolution: The ability to handle conflicts and difficult situations effectively is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.

11. Multitasking: Juggling various tasks, such as answering phone calls, responding to emails, and assisting multiple customers simultaneously, is common in customer service.

12. Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with customer service software, databases, and communication tools is necessary for efficiently assisting customers.

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13. Teamwork: Collaboration with colleagues, supervisors, and other departments may be required to address customer issues effectively.

14. Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive and friendly demeanor can help in diffusing tense situations and leaving a positive impression on customers.

15. Attention to Detail: Accurate record-keeping and follow-up are important to ensure that customer issues are fully addressed.

16. Cultural Sensitivity: In a globalized world, being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences is important when dealing with a diverse customer base.

17. Sales Skills (optional): Some customer service roles involve upselling or cross-selling, so sales skills can be an asset in certain industries.

18. Conflict Avoidance and De-escalation: The ability to prevent conflicts from escalating and to manage high-tension situations is important in customer service.

19. Data Analysis: Analyzing customer data and feedback can help identify trends and areas for improvement in the customer service process.

20. Ethics and Integrity: Upholding ethical standards and maintaining customer confidentiality are vital for trust and credibility.

To be an effective Customer Service Representative, individuals should continuously develop these skills and qualities and adapt them to the specific needs of their role and industry. Training and ongoing professional development can be beneficial for improving in these areas.

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply
Online: Apply On Company WebSite

What education and certification are required to become a Customer Service Representative?

Becoming a Customer Service Representative typically doesn’t require extensive formal education, but having certain educational backgrounds and certifications can be advantageous. The specific requirements may vary depending on the industry and the company you wish to work for. Here are some considerations:

1. **Education:** A high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED) is often the minimum educational requirement for many customer service positions. Some companies may prefer or require a college degree (associate’s or bachelor’s) for more advanced or specialized roles.

2. **Certifications:** While not always mandatory, some certifications can enhance your qualifications and job prospects as a Customer Service Representative:

– **Customer Service Certification:** Organizations like the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) offer customer service certification programs. These can demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent customer service.

– **Industry-Specific Certifications:** Depending on the industry, there might be certifications relevant to customer service. For example, IT customer service representatives might benefit from certifications like CompTIA A+ or Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST).

3. **On-the-Job Training:** Many companies provide on-the-job training for their customer service representatives. This training typically covers the company’s products or services, customer service policies, and specific software or tools used in the role.

4. **Soft Skills Development:** Beyond formal education and certifications, cultivating essential soft skills like communication, empathy, patience, and problem-solving is critical for success as a Customer Service Representative. These skills are often developed through experience and ongoing practice.

5. **Language Skills:** If you are working in a customer service role that involves non-English speaking customers, fluency in the required language is often a requirement.

6. **Industry Knowledge:** Depending on the company’s specific focus, it can be beneficial to have knowledge of that industry. For example, if you’re working in customer service for a technology company, having a basic understanding of technology and IT concepts can be helpful.

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It’s important to note that the specific education and certification requirements can vary widely depending on the job, industry, and company. Before applying for customer service positions, carefully review the job descriptions and requirements to determine what qualifications are needed. Additionally, consider networking, internships, or part-time roles to gain practical experience in the customer service field, which can be just as valuable as formal education in some cases.

What is the work environment like for Customer Service Representative?

The work environment for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can vary based on the industry, company, and the specific role, but there are some common features and considerations that apply to many customer service positions:

  • Office Setting: Many CSRs work in office environments. They have a designated workspace equipped with a computer, phone, and other tools necessary for interacting with customers. These offices may vary in size from small customer service departments to large call centers.
  • Remote Work: In recent years, remote work options have become more common for CSRs, especially with the advancement of technology and the rise of virtual call centers. Some CSRs have the flexibility to work from home or other remote locations, which can provide a more flexible work environment.
  • Shift Work: Depending on the industry and the company’s hours of operation, CSRs may work various shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. This is particularly common in call centers that provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Customer Interaction: The primary responsibility of CSRs is to interact with customers. This interaction can occur through phone calls, emails, live chat, social media, or in-person, depending on the company and the industry.
  • Multitasking: CSRs often need to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously. They may manage phone calls, respond to emails, and engage with customers through live chat or social media, which requires strong multitasking skills.
  • Stressful Situations: CSRs frequently encounter challenging and sometimes irate customers. This can be a source of stress, so the ability to remain calm and composed under pressure is important.
  • Performance Metrics: Many CSRs are subject to performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics may include response time, call duration, customer satisfaction scores, and more. Meeting or exceeding these metrics may be part of the job.
  • Supervision and Support: CSRs may work under the supervision of a team leader or manager who provides guidance and support. There is often a support structure in place for handling particularly challenging or escalated customer issues.
  • Continuous Learning: The customer service field is dynamic, and CSRs may need to adapt to changing policies, products, or procedures. Ongoing training and development are common to keep CSRs up to date.
  • Dress Code: The dress code for CSRs can vary widely, from business casual in some office settings to more casual attire in others. Some remote CSRs may not have a formal dress code.

It’s important to understand that the work environment for CSRs can be fast-paced and demanding, but it also offers an opportunity to develop valuable skills and contribute to customer satisfaction. The specific work environment can vary based on the company’s culture and industry, so it’s important to consider your preferences and career goals when seeking a customer service position.



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