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Truck/Trailer driver Is Urgently Needed In Democore – Ottawa, ON

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Truck/Trailer driver Is Urgently Needed In Democore – Ottawa, ON

Job details

Salary: $25.00–$30.61 an hour
Job type: Full-time
Shift & schedule: Monday to Friday
Location: Ottawa, ON
Work Location: On the road

We are a construction company looking to hire someone with impeccable truck/trailer skills. Some job sites are in incredibly tight areas, with no room for error with the truck and trailer. This is an incredibly high paced position which requires someone who embraces some hard work and is extremely detail oriented. This position includes pickup/delivery of tools, loading trailers, dumping trailers etc.

Looking for someone positive, up-beat, and energetic! If you are looking to put in some hours, make some money, and have your days fly by then you’re perfect for this job! Please ensure your phone number is available, and someone will be in contact.

A work truck/trailer driver is a professional driver who operates a truck and trailer combination for various work-related purposes. They are responsible for transporting goods, materials, or equipment to and from different locations. Here is a description of the job:

  1. Vehicle Operation: Work truck/trailer drivers are skilled in operating large commercial vehicles, typically equipped with a trailer or flatbed. They are proficient in handling the vehicle safely and efficiently, adhering to all traffic rules and regulations.
  2. Loading and Unloading: As a work truck/trailer driver, you will be responsible for loading and unloading cargo onto the trailer. This may involve operating specialized equipment such as forklifts or cranes, ensuring proper securing and balancing of the load to maintain stability during transport.
  3. Route Planning and Navigation: Work truck/trailer drivers need to plan their routes in advance, considering factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and any specific customer requirements. They utilize navigation systems or maps to ensure they reach their destinations safely and on time.
  4. Delivery and Pick-up: Work truck/trailer drivers transport goods from the point of origin to the designated destination. This could involve making deliveries to warehouses, construction sites, retail stores, or directly to customers. They may also be responsible for collecting and transporting goods for return or exchange.
  5. Vehicle Maintenance and Inspections: It is the responsibility of the work truck/trailer driver to perform routine inspections of their vehicle, ensuring that it is in proper working condition. This includes checking tire pressure, fluid levels, brakes, lights, and other essential components. They may need to perform minor maintenance tasks or report any issues to the appropriate authorities.
  6. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Work truck/trailer drivers maintain accurate records of their activities, including delivery receipts, logbooks, and any necessary documentation required by regulatory authorities. They may also be responsible for collecting payments or obtaining signatures for delivered goods.
  7. Communication and Customer Service: Work truck/trailer drivers often interact with customers and colleagues, providing professional and courteous service. They communicate delivery schedules, address any concerns or issues, and ensure that customer requirements are met to maintain positive relationships.
  8. Safety and Compliance: Work truck/trailer drivers prioritize safety at all times. They follow safety protocols, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, securing loads properly, and driving defensively. They comply with transportation regulations, including weight restrictions, hours of service regulations, and any other applicable laws.
  9. Time Management: Work truck/trailer drivers need strong time management skills to meet delivery deadlines and optimize their routes effectively. They must balance efficiency with safety, ensuring timely deliveries while obeying speed limits and traffic laws.
  10. Physical Demands: The job of a work truck/trailer driver can be physically demanding. It may involve lifting, bending, and maneuvering heavy cargo or equipment. Drivers should maintain good physical fitness and be able to handle the demands of the job.
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Overall, work truck/trailer drivers play a crucial role in the transportation industry, ensuring that goods and materials are delivered safely and efficiently to their destinations.

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