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Bicycle Mechanic Is Needed In Tunes On Wheels – Ottawa, ON

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Bicycle Mechanic Is Needed In Tunes On Wheels – Ottawa, ON

Job Title: Bicycle Mechanic
Location: Tunes On Wheels
Shift: Morning, Night, Overnight
Wage: $20.60/Hour

Tunes On Wheels is Ottawa’s Mobile Bicycle, Ski and Snowboard Workshop. We bring the convenience of professional service, knowledge and passion everyday to our customer’s doorstep. 2024 will be our 3rd year in business; we will be running 2 vans all-Season to serve the Ottawa-Gatineau area and satisfy our many customers.

As a Mobile Mechanic, you are the face of the business and will be responsible for all Service, Repairs and Sales at location. You will diagnose and fix mechanical issues, repair or replace faulty components, and conduct inspections to ensure optimal performance. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work with efficiency are also important qualities for this role.

We strive to deliver the best customer service and uphold our impeccable reputation. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with customers are valued.

If you want to work in an engaging and dynamic environment, we encourage you and look forward to your application for this position.


  • Automobile allowance
  • Company car
  • Company events
  • Flexible schedule
  • On-site parking
  • Store discount


  • – Perform Service and Repairs on Bicycles, Skis and Snowboards
  • – Diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues
  • – Repair or replace faulty components or parts
  • – Conduct inspections to identify potential problems and recommend preventive maintenance
  • – Work efficiently according a set schedule
  • – Safe and defensive driving between Service calls


  • – At least 2 years of experience working as a Bicycle Mechanic
  • – Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • – Attention to detail and ability problem-solve.
  • – Full G-License and clean driving record
  • – Passion for sports and your work as a Mechanic


  • – Flexible work schedule – Paid Lunches and Lunch breaks
  • – Access to Staff Deals on Parts and Gear
  • – Company event and outings
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What skills and qualities are important for a Bicycle Mechanic?

Bicycle mechanics play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning and safety of bicycles. Whether working in a bicycle shop or as an independent mechanic, individuals in this role should possess a combination of technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and customer service qualities. Here are important skills and qualities for a bicycle mechanic:

Technical Skills:

Mechanical Aptitude:

  • Understanding of bicycle components, systems, and their interactions to diagnose and fix issues.

Bike Assembly and Disassembly:

  • Proficiency in assembling and disassembling bicycles, including knowledge of various types of frames, gears, brakes, and other components.

Diagnostic Skills:

  • Ability to identify and troubleshoot problems with bicycles, both through customer descriptions and hands-on inspection.

Wheel Truing and Spoke Replacement:

  • Skill in truing bicycle wheels, replacing spokes, and ensuring proper tension for a smooth and well-balanced ride.

Brake and Gear Adjustments:

  • Knowledge of adjusting and tuning brakes and gears to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Bicycle mechanics with a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and excellent customer service can build a successful career in the field. Continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends are crucial for providing high-quality service to cyclists.

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply
Online: Apply On Company WebSite

What is the work environment like for Bicycle Mechanic?

The work environment for a bicycle mechanic can vary based on factors such as the type of employer (bike shop, bike manufacturer, mobile repair service, etc.), the size of the operation, and the specific services offered. Here are common aspects of the work environment for bicycle mechanics:

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Bicycle Shops:

  • Indoor Setting: Most bicycle mechanics work indoors in bike shops or repair centers. The workspace is typically well-lit and equipped with tools, workbenches, and repair stands.
  • Customer Interaction: Mechanics in bike shops often interact with customers directly, discussing repairs, providing advice on maintenance, and helping customers choose new bikes or accessories.
  • Varied Tasks: The workday may involve a variety of tasks, including assembling new bikes, diagnosing and repairing issues, performing routine maintenance, and customizing bikes to meet customer preferences.

Mobile Repair Services:

Some bicycle mechanics operate as mobile repair services, either independently or as part of a larger network. In this case:

  • Outdoor Work: Mechanics may work outdoors, traveling to the location of the customer, or setting up a mobile repair station at events or public spaces.
  • Limited Workshop Space: The workspace may be more constrained compared to a traditional shop, but it offers flexibility in terms of location.

Bike Manufacturing or Assembly Facilities:

  • Manufacturing Plants: Mechanics working in bike manufacturing plants or assembly facilities are involved in the production and assembly of new bicycles.
  • Production Line Setting: The work environment may involve assembly line work, with mechanics specializing in specific tasks, such as wheel building, frame assembly, or quality control.

Independent Workshops:

Some bicycle mechanics choose to operate their own independent repair shops. In this case:

  • Entrepreneurial Setting: The work environment may include managing the business aspects of the repair shop, such as handling finances, marketing, and customer relations.
  • Varied Workload: The mechanic may have a broad range of responsibilities, from bike repairs to business management tasks.



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