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Boston Pizza International Is Now Hiring Cook – Westlock, AB

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Boston Pizza International Is Now Hiring Cook – Westlock, AB

Job Details

Boston Pizza Cooks are the engine of the entire restaurant! They are responsible for creating our delicious menu items perfectly every time for every guest. Cooks are responsible for ensuring that our most important people, our Guests, have an excellent Boston Pizza experience from start to finish. They also believe in championing a fun and safe work environment and contribute to a thriving workplace culture.

A Cook is a skilled culinary professional responsible for preparing, cooking, and presenting various types of food in a variety of settings such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, catering companies, and other food establishments. They play a crucial role in the overall dining experience by creating delicious and visually appealing dishes.

The specific duties and responsibilities of a Cook may vary depending on the establishment and their level of expertise. However, here is a general description of a Cook’s job:

  1. Food Preparation: Cooks are involved in the preparation of ingredients by chopping, slicing, and measuring various food items. They may also be responsible for marinating, seasoning, and tenderizing meat or other proteins, as well as preparing sauces, dressings, and other components of a dish.
  2. Cooking Techniques: Cooks are skilled in a variety of cooking techniques such as grilling, baking, frying, sautéing, boiling, steaming, and braising. They must have a good understanding of heat control, cooking times, and flavors to ensure that the food is cooked properly and tastes delicious.
  3. Menu Planning: In some establishments, Cooks may collaborate with chefs or managers to plan menus, develop new dishes, and create special offerings. They may provide input on ingredient selection, cooking methods, and presentation to ensure a well-rounded and appealing menu.
  4. Food Safety and Sanitation: Cooks must adhere to strict food safety and sanitation standards to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment. They ensure that all ingredients are stored properly, follow safe food handling practices, and monitor and record temperatures of stored and cooked food to prevent foodborne illnesses.
  5. Plating and Presentation: Cooks are responsible for the visual presentation of the dishes they prepare. They use their creativity and attention to detail to arrange and garnish food attractively on plates or serving dishes, ensuring that the final product is visually appealing and appetizing.
  6. Efficiency and Time Management: Cooks work in a fast-paced environment, especially during peak dining hours. They must be able to prioritize tasks, work efficiently, and manage their time effectively to ensure that all orders are prepared and served in a timely manner.
  7. Collaboration and Communication: Cooks often work as part of a team, collaborating with other kitchen staff such as sous chefs, line cooks, and kitchen assistants. Effective communication is crucial to ensure smooth operations and the timely execution of orders.
  8. Adaptability and Creativity: Cooks need to be adaptable to different cuisines, dietary restrictions, and customer preferences. They may need to modify recipes, substitute ingredients, or accommodate special requests while maintaining the quality and taste of the dishes.
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In summary, a Cook is a skilled professional who brings together their culinary expertise, creativity, and attention to detail to prepare delicious and visually appealing dishes while adhering to food safety standards and working efficiently in a fast-paced kitchen environment.

Why Is BP A Great Place To Work?

  • What is important to you matters to us, so we have raised the bar to provide flexible scheduling that fits your lifestyle and contributes to your life-work balance
  • Come for a job, stay for a career – there are exciting opportunities for career growth within the restaurant or at Boston Pizza head office
  • Build relationships and give back to your local community
  • Boston Pizza Scholarship Program *
  • Management Training Programs, Leadership Development conferences and access to dynamic mentorship programs and initiatives
  • A respectful culture and work environment where your feedback matters
  • Fantastic reward and recognition programs

What does a successful Cook look like?

  • Works alongside their team members
  • Builds relationships by finding common ground and working cohesively with all team members
  • Committed to championing the “Heart of Hospitality”, Boston Pizza’s Brand Standards and Food Safety
  • Dedicated to providing Perfect Food Every Time to our Guests
  • Maintains composure and thrives in a fast pace environment
  • Works with a sense of purpose and always prioritize Guest’s orders

Boston Pizza was established over 50 years ago and is proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Top Managed Companies for over 20 years in a row . We are committed to the development & growth of our team members, integrity, philanthropy and innovation. If you love working with people in a team environment and believe in exceeding the expectations of Guests daily, Boston Pizza is the place for you!

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