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G-Zed Mobile Is Hiring Multiple Candidate For Warehouse work – Lasalle, QC

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G-Zed Mobile Is Hiring Multiple Candidate For Warehouse work – Lasalle, QC

Job Details

Warehouse work involves the management and handling of goods and products within a storage facility. Warehouse workers are responsible for various tasks related to inventory control, receiving, storing, and shipping of items. Here’s a description of the typical responsibilities and activities involved in warehouse work:

  1. Receiving and inspecting goods: Warehouse workers receive incoming shipments and check them for accuracy and quality. They compare the received items with the accompanying documentation, such as purchase orders or packing slips, and ensure that they match.
  2. Sorting and organizing: After receiving goods, warehouse workers sort and organize them based on specific criteria, such as product type, size, or location. They may use tools like barcode scanners or inventory management systems to track and record the movement of items.
  3. Stocking and shelving: Warehouse workers place received items on appropriate shelves, racks, or storage areas. They ensure that items are stored in a safe and efficient manner, making it easy to locate and retrieve them when needed.
  4. Inventory management: Maintaining accurate inventory records is a crucial part of warehouse work. Warehouse workers track the quantity and location of items, update inventory systems, and perform regular stock checks to reconcile physical stock with the recorded data.
  5. Order picking and packing: When customer orders come in, warehouse workers are responsible for picking the required items from their designated locations. They gather the items, pack them securely, and label the packages with shipping information.
  6. Loading and unloading: Warehouse workers load outgoing shipments onto delivery trucks or containers, ensuring that they are properly secured. They also unload incoming shipments, using equipment like forklifts or pallet jacks to move heavy or bulky items.
  7. Quality control: Warehouse workers may be involved in inspecting goods for quality and ensuring that they meet specific standards or specifications. They may perform visual inspections, measurements, or tests to identify any defects or issues.
  8. Maintaining cleanliness and safety: Warehouse workers help maintain a clean and safe work environment by organizing the warehouse space, keeping walkways clear, and disposing of waste properly. They follow safety procedures, wear protective gear, and report any potential hazards or accidents.
  9. Collaborating with team members: Warehouse work often involves collaboration with colleagues, supervisors, or other departments. Warehouse workers may communicate with coworkers to coordinate tasks, resolve issues, or provide support when needed.
  10. Continuous improvement: Warehouse workers may participate in process improvement initiatives, suggesting ways to optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, or reduce errors. They may also contribute to training new employees on warehouse procedures and equipment operation.
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Overall, warehouse work requires attention to detail, physical stamina, and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. It plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of supply chains and timely delivery of goods to customers.

Job Requirements

  • Speak English
  • Must have a valid work permit / Social Insurance Number
  • Must be available for full-time work 40 Hours per week Dayshift
  • Consent to a Background Check
  • Safety shoes

Job Benefits:

  • Permanent full-time work 40 Hours per week
  • Team environment
  • No experience required
  • Paid training and orientation
  • Full benefits after 3 month probation period
  • Room for advancement
  • Performance bonus

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